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Prenatal support

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We strive to live life to our fullest; most vibrant; most healthy potential.  

We laugh.  We cry.  We heal.  We wallow in every oppertunity to experience our own pure radiance.

We understand on a cellular level that our lifestyles have great inpact on our own vitality; the vitality of those we interact with each day; and on the quality of vitality we pass down for the next seven generations.  

Massage Therapy  Recovery   Pain Management   Deep Tissue   Relaxation

30 minutes    -    $40

60 minutes    -    $70

90 minutes    -    $100

(Sports Massage for professional athletes and athletes in training: Prices vary depending on length of session and focus of treatment please call 716-289-1120 to determine your treatment plan)

Prenatal Massage

60 minutes    -    $70

75 minutes    -    $85

90 minutes    -    $100

Hot Stone Massage

*Hot Stone Massage Spa Experience - 

1 hour $85 / 90min $115

Includes one hr hot stone massage with aromatherapy oils chosen just for you.  Heated stones are placed on the body and used throughout the massage to create a deeply relaxing session designed to warm, sooth and rejuvenate your body mind and spirit. Relax in our peaceful setting with a cup of tea after your session. 


Wellness Incentive Package -  $250   

Includes 4 - one hr massage sessions.  The incentive package is intended to encourage regular massage sessions and is intended to be used within a four month period.   


Family Pack - $200 

Includes 2 - one hr massage sessions and 2 - half hr massage sessions.  This package is designed to encourage the whole family’s continued wellness.  To be shared between family members.  The Family package is intended to encourage regular massage sessions and is intended to be used within a two month period. 

Winter Warm Up Package - $225 

Includes 3 -one hr Hot Stone Sessions


30 minutes  -  $35

60 minutes -  $60

Corporate Onsite Chair Massage

Pricing for corporate onsite chair massage varies depending on the needs of your specific event, (number of therapists, length of time and location.)   Please call Lauren to receive a quote for your event today - 716.289.1120



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